Hello folks, welcome to my world wide web Internet website. I hope you will enjoy looking at my photography on this no nonsense site and return again in the future as I will be updating it regularly. The photographic technical landscape is much changed versus a decade ago. I actually started businesses for selling photography in 1990 and 1997 but after getting in waist deep each time, decided to pull out and wait till printing technologies offered more consistency. Instead my career in Silicon Valley has always been a more certain route to a comfortable income. Images below on my homepage Gallery A were captured between 2004 and 2006 then drum scanned, Photoshop processed, had Lightjet master prints made and were offered for sale. However the economy collapsed in 2008 and then in February 2010 Calypso Imaging, my printer, a major lab used by photography pros, closed its doors. Thus I put my website and business into a dormant mode in 2008 and went back to the more reliable income of my hi tech career. But now in 2014 have updated the website and am just now starting drum scanning of the considerable amount of 4x5 film material in Gallery B accumulated since 2007. Given that considerable 4x5 film material, all my older 6x7 and 35mm SLR film images captured during the 1980s and 1990s that had been on my website, have been removed


What distinguishes my work from the many other landscape photographers? Well first and foremost, I am one of just a few that readily carries heavy 4x5 view camera equipment to places far from roads including backpacking into remote trail less wildernesses. I'm one of the few that have always tried to produce photographs, that as well as is reasonably possible given available technology, represent the actual human visual experiences. Thus none of the gaudy saturated films, warming filters, and contrasty manipulated Photoshop work rationalized (...because its just art isn't it?) that seems to be the status quo these days. I personally would rather produce prints with reasonable fidelity reflecting real moments of experience than prints with creative manipulation and design, regardless of whether or not that makes them less aesthetic or marketable.

I also have a considerable body of closeup photography captured with digital cameras most of which are California wildflowers. See my Digital Camera Close-up Page at top right on my homepage that has three galleries of close-up images and several slides shows.

I have been involved with processing scanned images with Photoshop in order to produce prints from the early days of the mid 90's when those processes first became available. Thus have long honed my skill at processing scan files to reasonably reflect transparencies on my lightbox beside my computer.

A key factor in capturing exceptional images is knowing the locations of exceptional subject landscapes. Although there are a great many well known public icons we all enjoy visiting, there is also a considerable wealth of landscapes relatively undiscovered in our great remote roadless lands and wildernesses of The West. California is a huge state and I've explored a fair amount of it over many years. For more than three decades I have extensively explored the Sierra Nevada, and for most of that time have been lugging around a heavy tripod with a serious intent to capture its magnificence. Thus I have familliarity of its remote treasures that few might match. And I have long been a student of natural sciences, our plants and animals, what weather, light, and season are likely to produce exceptional images. Not only does this site have images of the prints I market on the home page index, but each Gallery A image has a full page describing the landscape including what, where, and how it was captured. Trees and wildflowers are described using both common and scientific species names, plus there is an indexed table versus image one may browse.

Enjoy reading some of my trip feature stories that provide insight into the adventure of working in the field. My Tips, Tools, Information Page has some unique technical information for outdoor photographers. For additional information you might read my brief bio and an essay on my photography style and philosophy.

And the lake reflection image at page top? Read about that here. As noted above, I've removed these older 35mm images from the website.

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Of course all images on this site are under copyright.

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