Digital Camera Close-ups
by David Senesac

This is my Digital Camera Close-ups image page currently with links below to three image galleries. The intent of these bodies of work is to capture aesthetic images of our most showy wildflower species in their natural environments without resorting to usual post processing manipulations. I expend considerable effort and time locating exceptional situations and only include images in these public galleries if they rate so. The three set of current galleries are for Sierra Nevada wildflowers, California coastal wildflowers and Southern California wildflowers. Eventually I will add seashore, and miscellaneous close-ups galleries.

Each gallery contains sub-gallery pages with a maximum of 40 thumbnails. Images in galleries are downsized for web display at 720 pixels maximum dimension. Also most images include a magnified crop of their image file master that shows considerable detail of an interesting section at 100% pixel. In fact, crops are often more fascinating than full frame downsized images. My current digital camera is the 14.7 megapixel Canon G10. For more about my personal gear, style, and ethics please visit David's Digital Camera Closeup Work, Style, & Ethic page.

Sierra Nevada Wildflower Close-ups:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5

California Coastal Wildflower Close-ups:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3

Southern California Wildflower Close-ups:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2

One may also access images in these galleries via information tables that list images alphabetically by species name while including common names:

Sierra Nevada Wildflower Close-ups
Species Latin Name
Index Table

California Coastal Wildflower Close-ups
Species Latin Name
Index Table

Finally one may leisurely view images in these galleries via slideshows that display each image in the same sequence as in the galleries including each image crop. Note the first slideshow page displays a slideshow control key that may at anytime be accessed via the Help button to affect several slideshow functions as for example image sequencing speed. Slideshows sequence images automatically though can also be sequenced manualy in either direction via the Stop/Start button or one may jump to any image via the pop-down image name list.

Sierra Nevada Wildflower Close-ups Slideshow

California Coastal Wildflower Close-ups Slideshow

Single Mouse clicking anywhere within the top 3/4 height of a thumbnail image in these galleries opens up a new image window at a custom size. These images have been downsized from image file masters for computer web display with a maximum dimension of 720 pixels. The image file master size is displayed per the below description key. Single Mouse clicking anywhere within the bottom 1/4 height of a thumbnail image opens up a new crop window with a 720x720 pixel magnified crop from its image file master at 100% pixels. One's desktop may open then display multiple active image windows.

Once a new image window displays, one may close its window by causing what is refered to as a mouseOver event on its thumbnail. To cause a mouseOver one must move the Mouse cursor out away from its thumbnail and then back in. Thus no need to waste effort moving one's mouse way over to click a window top corner X to close, although that or deleting a window via one's status bar functions normally. If an opened image window displays atop its thumbnail, thus being in the way of a mouseOver, Mouse clicking any non-thumbnail space in the gallery will cause the open window to drop behind to the background and a subsequent mouseOver of that thumbnail will close its window. Each gallery page contain 10 rows of 4 thumbnail columns or 40 thumbnails. Because thumbnails are gallery numerated sequentially, one may gauge the relative thumbnail row position.

Crops for each image are at 100% pixel magnification of the full master image, thus will appear marginally soft as is the case with any digital camera's image displayed so. For purchased usage, a 4000x3000 pixel image would make a 20x15 inch print at 200 ppi, the maximum practical print size, or 13.3x10 inch print at 300 ppi. Note the miniumm pixel dimensions for an 8x10 inch print at 200 ppi is (200x8 by 200x10) equals 1600x2000 pixels.

At the bottom of each image window is a description that includes:

  • common wildflower name
  • latin species name
  • location, park, (NP=National Park, NF=National Forest, W=Wilderness, BLM=Bureau Land Management, NRA=National Recreation Area, NM=National Monument, OSP=Open Space Preserve, OST=Open Space Trust, SR=State Reserve, CP=County Park, Co=County
  • camera equipment used
  • size of the full master image in pixels
  • month-year date
  • 6 character image name consisting of two aphabetical and four numerical digits

Like everything else on my site, these galleries are all my hand coded, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, except the slideshow script. To purchase prints or make limited usage of any of these images please email your request including the 6 character image name. Likewise please use the same email address for requests for information, suggesting corrections to species names, or providing comments. Of course all images on this site including these are under copyright.

   David Senesac
   email: sales@davidsenesac.com

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