Spring Grassland of Goldfields & Blue Oaks Banner Peak Reflection in Thousand Island Lake Anza-Borrego Dune Wildflowers Delicate Arch & Snowy La Sals Sonoma Coastal Bluff, Goldfields, Wave, Sea Pink, Sea Stacks Dolomite Hill of Bristlecone Snags Anza-Borrego Ocotillo Wildflower Ravine Purple Owls Clover & Tidy Tips Golden Throne, Navaho Towers & Cliff Edge Three Backpackers Passing Ediza Lake Red Bentonite Clay Hill Jurassic Badlands Fairmont Butte California Poppies Point Lobos Red Layer Tidepool of Swirls Crown over Yosemite Fall & Snowy Merced River Twisted Red Aspen Grove, Trunks are Everywhere Death Valley Phacelia Canyon Black Basalt Ball & Navaho Sandstone Dome Boiling Clouds over Desert Candle Ravine Capitol Reef Chinle Wingate Sandstone Split Arrow Snow Bank Reflection with North Peak Three Creosote Bushes on California Poppy Plain Wildflowers, Clouds, Moon, Mono Craters Ridge Minaret Creek Cirque Paintbrush Turf Temblor Range Wildflower Hillside Lupines Stream Plain Wildflower Wonderland Backlit Aspen at Hope Valley & Hawkins Peak Temblor Range Wildflower Wash Orange Lichen Summit Lake Mount Ritter, Banner Peak, Mount Lyell Pond Reflecting Mount Hooper Anza-Borrego Dune Evening Primrose Death Valley Limestone Wildflower Canyon Antelope Valley Goldfield Poppy Plain Piute Crags & Aspen Grove Reflection in North Lake Bigelow's Coreopsis, Old Potato Lake & Temblor Range July Wildflowers, Horsetail Falls, Mount Baldwin Cirque Illouette Creek Bigleaf Maple Autumn Pacific Dogwood & Giant Sequoia in Cloud Mist San Mateo Shore Dune Wildflowers Red Leaves on Tall Fall Aspen Balanced Rock Alpenglow Coast Live Oak & Spring Wildflower Grassland Summer Dawn at Mono Lake Autumn Color Leaves of Black Oak & Stanislaus River
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4x5 view camera work:
Bristlecone White Mtns Backpack 2006  July 2006
Shadow & Minaret Creek Backpack  August 2006
Spring 2010 Wildflower Trip Chronicles  April 2010
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Road Trip  May 2012
Minnow Creek Backpack  July 2012
Pioneer Basin Backpack  August 2013
Mono Fall 2013 Road Trip  October 2013
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Three California wildflower image galleries from pre 2014 compact digital cameras, species latin name indexes, and slideshows.

Gallery B    2007 > 2014
117 not yet drum scanned
4x5 film images   4x5 Gallery B
Gallery A  2002 > 2006
   43 drum scanned 4x5 film images
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